Bitterns & Herons
                Great White Egret
                Green Heron
                Grey Heron
                Little Egret
                Night Heron
                Purple Heron
                Cattle Egret
                Corn Bunting
                Reed Bunting
                Snow Bunting
        Chats & Thrushes
                Black Redstart
                Mistle Thrush
                Song Thrush
                Northern Wheatear
                Ring Ouzel
        Cormorants & Shags
                Carrion Crow
                Great Northern Diver
                Red-throated Diver
                Black-throated Diver
                Ruddy Duck
                Tufted Duck
                Red-breasted Merganser
                Great Crested Grebe
                Little Grebe
                Slavonian Grebe
                Black-necked Grebe
                Black-headed Gull
                Common Gull
                Glaucous Gull
                Great Black-backed Gull
                Herring Gull
                Little Gull
                Mediterranean Gull
                Lesser Black-backed Gull
                Common Buzzard
                Marsh Harrier
                Rough-legged Buzzard
                Red Kite
                Hen Harrier
                Little Owl
                Short-eared Owl
                Tawny Owl
                Barn Owl
                Long-eared Owl
        Partridge & Pheasant
                Red-legged Partridge
                Grey Partridge
        Pigeons & Doves
                Collared Dove
                Turtle Dove
                Wood Pigeon
                Stock Dove
        Pipits & Wagtails
                Meadow Pipit
                Rock Pipit
                Tree Pipit
                Grey Wagtail
                Pied Wagtail
                Yellow Wagtail
        Plovers & Lapwings
                Golden Plover
                Grey Plover
                Ringed Plover
                Little Ringed Plover
                Water Rail
                House Sparrow
                Tree Sparrow
        Swallows & Martins
                Barn Swallow
                House Martin
                Sand Martin
                Bewicks Swan
                Mute Swan
                Whooper Swan
                Alpine Swift
                Common Swift
                Black Tern
                Common Tern
                Sandwich Tern
                White-winged Black Tern
                Little Tern
                Forster's Tern
                Bearded Tit
                Blue Tit
                Great Tit
                Long-tailed Tit
                Coal Tit
                Marsh Tit
                Common Sandpiper
                Green Sandpiper
                Grey Phalarope
                Purple Sandpiper
                Common Snipe
                Black-winged Stilt
                Cetti's Warbler
                Common Whitethroat
                Garden Warbler
                Lesser Whitethroat
                Reed Warbler
                Sedge Warbler
                Willow Warbler
                Pallas's Warbler
                Wood Warbler
                Great Spotted Woodpecker
                Green Woodpecker
                Canada Goose
                Brent Goose
                Barnacle Goose
                Greylag Goose
                Egyptian Goose
Insects & Spiders
        Damselflies & Dragonflies
                Black-tailed Skimmer
                Broad-bodied Chaser
                Common Darter
                Emperor Dragonfly
                Hairy Dragonfly
                Migrant Hawker
                Southern Hawker
                Ruddy Darter
                Banded Demoiselle
                Emerald Damselfly
                Large Red Damselfly
                Blue-tailed Damselfly
        Small Insects
                Marmalade Hoverfly
                Green Tiger Beetle
                Helophilus trivittatus
                Common Green Lacewing
                Chrysopa perla
                Liparus glabrirostris
                Red-and-black Froghopper
                Issus coleoptratus
                Aphrodes makarovi
                Fat-Legged Flower Beetle
                Psilothrix viridicoeruleus
                Roesels Bush-cricket
                Scorpion Fly
                Speckled Bush-cricket
                Spotted Cranefly
                Rutpela maculata
                Tenthredo arcuata
                Wasp Beetle
                Xanthogramma pedissequum
                Boat Bug
                Common Green Capsid
                Dock Bug
                Pied Shieldbug
                Leptopterna dolabrata
                Cabbage Bug
                Woundwort Shieldbug
                Hairy Shieldbug
                Forest Shieldbug
                Rambur's Pied Shieldbug
                Green Shieldbug
                Spiked Shieldbug
                Amblyteles armatorius
                Common Wasp
                Ichneumon stramentarius
                Nomada flava
                        Dark-edged Bee-fly
                        Dotted Bee-fly
                Dance Flies
                Dung Fly
                Flesh Fly
                Green Bottle
                        Large Marsh Horsefly
                        Twin-lobed Deerfly
                        Notch-horned Cleg
                Phasia hemiptera
                Rhingia campestris
                Coremacera marginata
                Common Red Soldier Beetle
                Great Capricorn Beetle
                14-Spot Ladybird
                Cantharis livida
                Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn
                Xysticus cristatus
                Cucumber Green Spider
                Four Spot-Orbweaver
                Misumena vatia
        Adonis Blue
        Brown Argus
        Clouded Yellow
        Common Blue
        Dingy Skipper
        Green Hairstreak
        Green-veined White
        Holly Blue
        Large Skipper
        Large White
        Marbled White
        Meadow Brown
        Painted Lady
        Purple Hairstreak
        Red Admiral
        Silver-washed Fritillary
        Small Copper
        Small Heath
        Small Skipper
        Small Tortoiseshell
        Small White
        Speckled Wood
        Wall Brown
        White Admiral
        White-letter Hairstreak
        Chalk-hill Blue
        Essex Skipper
        Micro Moths
                63.006 - Pyrausta aurata
                63.025 - Anania hortulata
                63.116 - Cataclysta lemnata
                63.031 - Udea ferrugalis
                63.038 - Pleuroptya ruralis
                63.018 - Anania coronata
                63.115 - Acentria ephemerella
                63.048 - Olive-tree Pearl
                63.121 - Pale Water-veneer
                63.088 - Crambus perlella
                63.054 - Box-tree Moth
                63.047 - Maize Moth
                49.031 - Aphelia paleana
                49.069 - Acleris sparsana
                49.138 - Cochylis molliculana
                49.343 - Cydia amplana
                49.087 - Lichen Button
                28.019 - Esperia sulphurella
                28.001 - Bisigna procerella
                28.022 - Alabonia geoffrella
                28.014 - Crassa unitella
                15.012 - Caloptilia semifascia
                15.006 - Caloptilia rufipennella
                15.013a - Caloptilia honoratella
                62.032 - Nephopterix angustella
                62.047 - Dark Spruce Knot-horn
                18.001 - Plutella xylostella
                1.004 - Micropterix aruncella
                40.015 - Mompha raschkiella
                17.003 - Honeysuckle Moth
                17.001 - Ypsolopha mucronella
                31.001 - Carcina quercana
                45.030 - Pterophorus pentadactyla
                33.002 - Ethmia quadrillella
        Macro Moths
                70.061 - Common Carpet
                70.277 - Common White Wave
                70.100 - Green Carpet
                70.054 - Silver-ground Carpet
                70.192 - Treble-bar
                70.029 - Blood-vein
                70.083 - Cypress Carpet
                70.188 - Bordered Pug
                70.235 - Dusky Thorn
                70.031 - Mocha
                70.106 - Winter Moth
                70.247 - Pale Brindled Beauty
                70.251 - Oak Beauty
                70.155 - Netted Pug
                70.224 - Scorched Wing
                70.020 - Sub-angled Wave
                70.173 - Lime-speck Pug
                70.008 - Small Dusty Wave
                70.038 - The Vestal
                70.095 - Red-green Carpet
                70.252 - Peppered Moth
                70.160 - White-spotted Pug
                70.133 - Small Rivulet
                70.023 - Mullein Wave
                70.152 - Channel Islands Pug
                70.059 - Yellow Shell
                70.067 - The Streamer
                69.016 - Elephant Hawk-moth
                69.002 - Eyed Hawk-moth
                69.010 - Hummingbird Hawk-moth
                69.001 - Lime Hawk-moth
                69.003 - Poplar Hawk-moth
                72.083 - Burnet Companion
                72.015 - Pale Tussock
                72.031 - Cinnabar
                72.017 - Vapourer
                72.044 - Dingy Footman
                72.026 - Garden Tiger
                72.001 - The Herald
                72.024 - Ruby Tiger
                72.042 - Red-necked Footman
                72.084 - Mother Shipton
                72.066 - Waved Black
                72.041 - Four-spotted Footman
                72.011 - Gypsy Moth
                73.113 - Angle Shades
                73.120 - Dusky Sallow
                73.015 - Silver Y
                73.058 - Mullein
                73.342 - Large Yellow Underwing
                73.270 - Dot Moth
                73.045 - Knot Grass
                73.357 - Square-spot Rustic
                73.359 - Setaceous Hebrew Character
                73.012 - Burnished Brass
                73.001 - The Spectacle
                73.085 - Marbled Green
                73.233 - Black Rustic
                73.068 - Green-brindled Crescent
                73.242 - Clouded Drab
                73.032 - Nut-tree Tussock
                73.241 - Pine Beauty
                73.112 - Pale-shouldered Cloud
                73.076 - Scarce Bordered Straw
                73.182 - The Sallow
                73.187 - Brown-spot Pinion
                73.031 - Four-spotted
                73.224 - Merveille du Jour
                73.200 - Tawny Pinion
                73.087 - Small Mottled Willow
                73.134 - Large Wainscot
                73.284 - White Spot
                66.007 - Oak Eggar
                66.010 - Drinker
                54.008 - Six-spot Burnet
                71.020 - Pale Prominent
                71.012 - Iron Prominent
                71.003 - Puss Moth
                71.022 - Maple Prominent
                3.001- Orange Swift
                65.004 - Dusky Hook-tip
                65.009 - Buff Arches
                74.008 - Green Silver-lines
                74.009 - Oak Nycteoline
Wild Flowers
        Common Bird's-foot Trefoil
                Bladder Campion
                Red Campion
                White Campion
        Common Toadflax
        Large-flowered Evening-primrose
        Greater Knapweed
        Lesser Celandine
                Bee Orchid
                Common Twayblade
                Early Purple Orchid
                Pyramidal Orchid
                Common Spotted Orchid
        Rose-bay Willowherb
        Sweet Violet
        Vipers Bugloss
        Yellow Iris
        Coprinus plicatilis
        Parasol Mushroom
        Shaggy Ink Cap
        The Witch's Hat
        Chicken of the Woods
        Egghead Mottlegill
Not Forgetting
                Common Frog
                Common Toad
                Marsh Frog
                Smooth Newt
                Soprano Pipistrelle
                Brown Hare
                Common Seal
                Wood Mouse
                Grey Squirrel
                Red Fox
                Grass Snake
                Common Lizard
        Further Afield
                        Beautiful Demoiselle
                        Copper Demoiselle
                        Willow Emerald Damselfly
                        Brown Hairstreak
                        Clouded Yellow
                        Meadow Fritillary
                        Spotted Fritilliary
                        Weavers Fritillary
                        Silver-washed Fritillary
                        Geranium Bronze
                        Large Copper
                        Large White
                        Map Butterfly
                        Purple-shot Copper
                        Short-tailed Blue
                        Southern Speckled Wood
                        Scarce Swallowtail
                        Burnet Companion
                        Hummingbird Hawk-moth
                        Jersey Tiger
                        Latticed Heath
                        White Plume Moth
                Fea's Petrel
                Cory's Shearwater
                Berthelot's Pipit
        Beside The Seaside